Neil (Gadget)


Its ME!

Well, what can I say – I’d been interested in archery for a few years and helped out at various events by supervising with the assistance of qualified leaders. Then in 2007, Rob & Di gave me the chance to join their team, and they showed me that archery really is a fun sport and gave me the skills to pass this on to others.

I’m ADC Scouts for North Hull in my normal scouting role, but seem to spend most of my time running cubs & scouts for one group, and running archery sessions (always in demand). Such is the scouting life, who said scouting was one night a week.

Anyway, the team are a great bunch and although we are scattered around the country, it’s good to work with them (and share the odd lemonade or two), and I try to attend as many events as I can.

Remember – if you are interested in having us come to your event or just fancy learning archery, get in touch.

Neil (Gadget)