Simon (Ryback)


Greetings – My Name is Simon but I’ve been nicknamed Ryback after…Oh look I’ll explain. I don’t shoot arrows, I don’t draw a bow, I don’t even line up a boss…no I’m the team Chef – so you see where Ryback comes from (Steven Seagal in Under Seige).

I officially joined the team on 21st June 2008 (Solstice Day) having cooked my way into their hearts (or stomachs) with the full Monty Breakfast and a Beef Stew and Dumplings dinner (though I think it might have been the Chocolate Custard that sealed it). They say an army marches on its stomach, well the Archery team do a fantastic job marching on theirs. And that’s not the only fantastic job they do… you should see them with the kids….no really you should!

I’m also the Team Treasurer.

So how did I get into this? Well I’m Mum’s husband (if that makes sense) and Commando and Chunky’s Dad. I’m camp cook (ohhh errr missus!) for the 69th Mosborough Cub Pack.

Is being camp cook hard work? YES. Is being camp cook rewarding? YES (when everything gets etten!). Do I enjoy it? NO – I Love It.

My connection with Scouting, apart from supporting Mum, who is Akela with 69th Mosborough and through the boys, I was a Cub Scout with the 14th Erith group in London where I lived until I was 11. Can I have my Cook’s badge now? Please!!!