Training and Team weekend, Melton Campsite, June 20 to 22, 2008.

26 June 2008

The weekend started on Friday evening as everyone arrived. Friday night we set up camp and just chilled out. Saturday morning the training started for 4 explorer trainees. The team continued to practice their own archery when the range was not in use by the course.

During the afternoon the rain came down and looked as though it was set in. It did stop raining for a short time at about 5 pm. As the trainees had missed some range time it was decided to make use of the opportunity to catch up.

After the evening meal a team meeting was held. Minutes of this are circulated separately.

The course restarted at 9 am on Sunday and completed at about 2 pm with the presentation of certificates.

Camp was struck and we were all away by about 4 pm.

The weekend was a success and whilst it was only a couple of weeks ago that most were together, there was a lot of catching up done due to the speed of events that have come about with Poacher 2008 coming to us.