Team Update

26 June 2008

What a difference a year makes. The team has progressed from its original 17 (16 attended the Walesby World Experience) trained instructors for the Centenary of Scouting to 29 instructors, Simon the chef and Adam our 2 year old mascot.

During the last year we have attended several events, from a one off Scout night to some of the larger events. These include Freezer Camp and Crewboree, both at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre in Sheffield.

Some members of the team have helped out at Kingston Scout Group in Hull. This is a Special Needs Scout Unit and Scouts there have gained their Master at Arms Badge.

Almost straight after Walesby World Experience some of the team were involved in the re building of the archery range at Raywell Park and this involved people travelling from South Yorkshire as well as Humberside to complete the task. The area was cleared of all the overhanging branches, some saplings and bushes were moved, backstop netting posts were re fixed and new backstop netting fitted. A new shooting line was installed and a boundary chain set up complete with new signage.
Shortly after this a range was built from scratch at Melton camp. Initially this involved clearing an area of debris, but later evolved in to a major job. Trees were removed and the area flattened. This is an ongoing project and it is due to be seeded at the back end of the year. This will be the largest range that we currently use as it can have a shooting distance of up to 40 metre’s.

Most members of the team are involved somewhere or another at weekends, delivering Archery sessions to Scouts and Guides at various Activity Centres. Some of these include Melton Scout Camp, Raywell Park Scout Activity Centre and Walesby Forest Scout Activity Centre.

Training for new instructors and ongoing training for team members have continued throughout the year. These have been carried out at Melton, Raywell and Walesby. We are very grateful that these centres have been so generous and accommodating, looking after the team and the students.

At the debrief following the Walesby World Experience, the future and structure of the team was decided and agreed, along with the code of conduct and team rules. The introduction of a website was also decided on and the format of this was left in the capable hands of Jason, as this was his job and what he was studying at university. We also agreed that we would try and do 1 major international event each year, this was looking like being our first major stumbling block. We were turned down for the Essex International and Poacher 2008, being told that they already had teams in place. It was a major shock when with only 6 weeks to go before Poacher 2008 International I had a telephone call to ask if I could take over the Archery for the event and put a team in.
This called for a drastic decision to be made. It had taken nearly 2 years to put together and train a team for a major event and here we were just a few short weeks away from one. An email was sent out at 10.30 pm to every member of the team (24 at that time) to ask who could make themselves available at such short notice. By the time the computer was put to sleep at about 12.15 am there were 12 replies confirming their availability. What a response!! There were also some replies from people who were already committed to other events (Group camps etc.) As other replies came in I was able to confirm that I could take over the event and that I had a team in place. All in under 48 hours.

The Centenary Archery Team will be one year old this July, and off to its second International Camp. This time with 18 Instructors and it’s own chef.