East Glanford District Camp

27 May 2010

We have recently been sent this letter of praise from the East Glanford District Commissioner for our recent  work at their district camp.

Dear Boggy, Rob, Danny, Graham, Louise, Neil, Victoria, Tom, and Diane

Just a brief letter to thank you for your attendance at the East Glanford District Camp.

When these camps are being organised and activities like archery are mentioned there is always a certain amount of trepidation regarding the Health and Safety issues around the activity. There is no doubt that archery can be a dangerous sport if conducted by untrained personnel and that is why we are indebted to your team for their skill and expertise to make the activity a safe one for our children to enjoy.

We are impressed by your team’s ability to look after itself in terms of camping and providing your own meals and we consider all of you to be part of our scouting family and friends. I will send you details of our proposed trip to Ireland in 2011.

We wish you well in all your endeavours and we hope to see you all again next camp.

Once again thank you

Yours in scouting

Harry Mortimer DC
East Glanford Scout District