Sheaf District Camp

27 May 2011

Friday 29th April – Monday 2nd May 2011


We arrived on site mid-afternoon, set all the tents up and unpacked. We then went for a walk to see the archery range and have a look at the site. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent getting to know the cubs, scouts and leaders we were spending the weekend with. We then went to the opening ceremony and to a street party scouting style, to join in with the world wide celebrations of the royal wedding.


Theme for the day was Indians. Following flag break, 9 members of the archery team set up the archery range ready for a day of archery. During the morning session of archery the team saw plenty of cubs, scouts and leaders through the doors hitting 110 by lunch break. Throughout the afternoon session we saw plenty more new and old faces coming through the doors, finishing the day with a total of 196. The final activity of the day was a district campfire enjoyed by all children and leaders.


Theme for the day was cowboys. Today was the day the beavers come to play. After flag break the team attended scouts own, where a number of awards were given out to members across the district.  Another warm day of archery then begun with a short morning seeing only 65 by lunch due to a late start.  Lunch over, time for the fun to begin as the beavers took over the site. Throughout the afternoon we saw the numbers increase due to the number of cubs, scouts and extremely excited beavers arriving to take part in archery. The day finished on a total of 216 and a total for the weekend standing at 412. Once the range was packed away the fun began with a district barbeque followed by line dancing and a homemade film using pictures and videos taken by the explorer scouts.


Home time!! Following flag break it was time to pack away after a successful weekend enjoyed by all who attended. One final District ceremony was attended by the team before we all said our goodbyes and departed for home.

Graham and Louise