Crewboree Report

12 June 2008

The Team attended Crewboree at Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre, over the weekend of 6th to 8th June 2008.

We arrived at various times during late afternoon and early evening on Friday. After setting up our camp we went and checked out the range, where a few minor alterations were called for. i.e. Lower the safety netting to reach the floor and remove a section of fence to allow a one way system. During Friday night it rained but by the time we got up the rain had stopped and the weather just got better and better during the whole weekend.

After breakfast we held our team meeting and the team leaders for the day were appointed. This time some of the newer members had their turn to lead one of the three teams.
There were 2 team members on their first large camp and they both had a fantastic time.

Graham (Alice) brought his 2 year old son Adam as he was unable to get a baby sitter for the weekend. On arrival he found 11 baby sitters all willing to take a turn. We worked our proven rota of 2 hours on and 1 off to go and re-hydrate and have a quick look around. Again we went on central catering for a small cost, to ensure that we had proper meals and did not have to cook them ourselves. Our thanks go to Beryl and her team for feeding us.

There were 12 team members present and a total of 594 people had a go at archery. All the equipment used, except for the backstop safety nets, was provided by the Team.